Post Graduate Course

Looking to build upon your under graduate degree, to expand your training and education, through undertaking a post graduate course.


There are a range of post graduate opportunities for those with an undergraduate degree; being with a Graduate Certificate in Arts through to a PhD studies. There are numerous exit points for those pursuing post graduate studies with allow for flexibility in shifts and changes to work and personal situations. These accredited courses are offered through our partnership with Alphacrucis.

The post graduate courses are accessible via our partnership with Alphacrucis. For more assistance, please contact our Registrar Team ( will be able to assist you.


Core units are dependent on your course and area of interest. Please contact for more information.

Available Full time and part time. Please contact for more information.

The opportunity exists for our Post Graduate cohort members to be involved in a facilitation came. For more details on requirements, please contact the registrar team (   As part of our commitment to excellence, Revival College run bi-annual facilitation camps. These training weeks incorporate in-dept discussion and practical application opportunities for the facilitation of th semester’s unit material, as well as a safe environment for the practical applications of spiritual gifts, and the change to build life-long friendships.

A FEE-HELP loan is available for eligible students enrolling in the online Higher Education Courses with Alphacrucis College*. Please note that FEE-HELP has a loan fee of 25%. Visit:

This course is Austudy approved subject to eligibility criteria. Students can change from course loads from Full Time to Part Time. Please be aware that a change to your enrolment status can affect your Austudy eligibility and benefits. Please consult with Centrelink for more details.

For more information about FEE-HELP eligibility visit

For more information about Abstudy & Austudy eligibility visit

Exit points include:

  • Graduate Certificate in Arts
  • Graduate Diploma on Arts
  • Masters of Arts
  • Masters of Theology
  • Masters of Philosophy (MPhil)
  • Doctors of Ministry

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Core units are dependent on your course and area of interest. Please contact for more information.




“I’m working at two small business now, and my time in the Diploma of Businesses has helped shape me into someone who can add value above and beyond my job description. I’ve been able to utilise some of the basic accounting skills taught to tap into some fun and challenging areas in both organisations. The teaching from AC on integrity in business and the importance of personal character have seen me find favour with both bosses and my co-workers.”