Bachelor of Ministry

The Bachelor of Ministry is designed to equip and prepare you for ministry within church or community settings. Through our partnership with Alphacrucis College, students can enrol in a ministry pathway with various exit points. These exit points provide study flexibility, allowing for the life, family and ministry demands of various seasons


For those wanting to pursue a more practical, ministerial based approach to further study, the Bachelor of Ministry is a great option. The program provides students with a strong biblical and theological foundation, while still maintaining a focus on practical ministry. The course is comprised of 24 units and can be completed in three years full-time.

The course is hosted online through our partnership with AC and can be completed in six semesters (full-time load).


RES101 Introduction to Academic Writing and Research
  • Providing tools to help students succeed in higher education, this unit challenges students to think more deeply, evaluate more critically and reflect better on presented information. Students will also be taught how to present their thoughts in essay or oral presentations.


BIB007 Introduction to Israel’s Scriptures (Old Testament)
  • This unit provides an overview of each book in the Old Testament, highlighting the character of God as it is highlighted through themes which exist in the text. The historical content is also explored, and how it effects the interpretation in poetry and Hebrew narrative.
MIN101 Introduction to Pastoral Ministry
  • In this unit students will explore a variety of topics that form the basis of pastoral care and be encouraged to creatively engage these topics with their own context.
BIB008 Introduction to the New Testament
  • Through understanding the historical and cultural setting of the text, this unit empowers students to effectively communicate and apply the principles of the New Testament with confidence.
HIS101 History of Christianity
  • This unit is an introduction to the Chrisitan traditions and is explored through social, cultural and church contexts. It explores the changes which have occurred though history; as well as exploring major revivals and missionary movements effectiveness in understanding and sharing the gospel.
THE201 Christian Ethics
  • This unit helps students think and develop their reasoning around ethical decision making, highlighting the dangers of legalism, and helping establish a biblical method of exploring matters with grace, biblical insight and the power of the Holy Spirit.
LEA201 Leadership Principles
  • Explore the foundational questions surrounding leadership, whether leaders are born or made, and how leadership, a Christian worldview and biblical application can be applied to various church, social and business settings.
THE001 Christian Worldview
  • Throughout this unit of study, students are encouraged to explore Christianity’s foundational beliefs and reflect on the way their faith influences their life and calling.

3.5 years full time

Also available part time

These training weeks incorporate in-depth discussion of the semester’s unit material, a safe environment for the practical application of spiritual gifts, and the chance to build life-long friendships

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Post Graduate Opportunities:

  • Master of Theology
  • Master of Philosophy
  • Doctor of Ministry
  • Doctor of Philosophy



Diploma of Ministry

The time I spent completing my Diploma in Ministry was a life changing experience. Not only had I not studied since high school, but I struggled with thinking I was not smart enough to do a diploma in anything. But I was encouraged by everyone around me, and the support of those on staff at the College was amazing. I completed my diploma above what I imagined I could and I am so much more confident in my areas of ministry. I highly recommend the College – whether you’re straight out of high school, or a stay-at-home mum, like myself!