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What is the difference between the Bachelor of Theology and Bachelor of Ministry?

Bachelor of Ministry (BMin)  has a focus on Church and marketplace ministry with a focus on youth & children’s ministry, leadership, mission, and pastoral ministry.

Bachelor of Theology (BTh) predominantly focuses on theology and biblical study and is for a ministry context within the Church and academic setting.

What is FEE-HELP?

A FEE-HELP loan is available for eligible students enrolling in the online Higher Education Courses with Alphacrucis College*. Please note that FEE-HELP has a loan fee of 25% for undergraduate courses. From 1 January 2022, the loan fee will reduce to 20 per cent for units of study with a census date on or after 1 January 2022.

For more information about FEE-HELP eligibility visit 

*Conditions Apply

Is my Higher Education course Austudy or Abstudy approved?

All Higher Education courses are Austudy/Abstudy approved, subject to the individual meeting the eligibility criteria.

Students can change their course load from Full Time to Part Time. Please be aware that a change to your enrolment status may affect your eligibility and benefits. Please consult with Centrelink for more details.

 For more information about Abstudy & Austudy eligibility visit

Can I change from Full-Time to Part Time if it is too much?

Absolutely! Do not forget our student support team is also there to help you, so you are not in this alone.

You can change your enrolment status for any semester, however, after the census date, any withdrawals are counted as fails. Keep in mind that changes to enrolment may affect any Austudy/Abstudy benefits you may be receiving.

How many hours should I allocate to study?

We recommend an average of 10 hours each week, per unit. This might be more during peak assessment periods.

Will I need any extra materials?

It might be necessary for you to purchase textbooks for your units. Our Student Support team will contact you regarding that before each Semester begins.


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