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High Quality Education

Each course equips the cohort with practical and biblical grounding to build and sustain their foundation.

Practical Training

Our higher education programs have stream specific online training days throughout the year. With a focus on practical ways to lead, serve and innovate, students are equipped for mission.

Focus on Formation.

Each course equips the cohort with practical and biblical grounding to build and sustain their foundation.


Revival College’s higher education and VET programs include a camp element. Camps are an essential focus of our connection process where all students across Australia come together into community.

Flexible Curriculum

Access your study tools online, 24/7 from anywhere around the world. The perfect way to balance study, work, life, and ministry.


Our team at Revival College are not satisfied doing life without innovative ways to empower, encourage and commission their students. We long to see people set out on new adventures as they grow in life, mission, ministry and the Word.


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There is no greater fulfilment, no greater joy, and no greater goal than to step into what God Himself is calling you to do. You are called to make a difference for Him; and we want to help you on that journey.

All our programs are committed to seeing students equipped with strong foundations, being formed in their spiritual and personal life, connecting to God in new and deeper ways, and being commissioned  to make a difference in the world.

You were created with Divine purpose. In Christ, you are anointed and empowered to not just follow not just any dream, but the dream that God has etched into your heart. We want to help you discover that dream and equip you to achieve it;

  • Expand your understanding of the Bible
  • Be formed in your Godly identity
  • Be empowered to lead and serve in an innovative way
  • Form connections with others who want to make a difference for God

Study online at a time, in a space that suits you, and grow in your academic ability while being supported by our student support team