Diploma of Leadership

The nationally accredited Diploma of Leadership provides an introductory body of knowledge in leadership from a Christian Worldview, and is designed to support and supplement the leadership development which new leaders are already receiving in their local church.


Combining leadership skills and a Christian perspective for living, the Diploma of Leadership equips people of all ages to excel in leading others, by learning principles, engaging with practicals, and building a sound theological foundation.

The Diploma is comprised of eight (8) units which introduce both leadership and Biblical concepts. Successful completion of all eight units will result in an accredited Diploma of Leadership


MIN008 Australian Pentecostalism in the 21st Century
  • This unit provides the student with an understanding of the formation and development of Australian Pentecostalism, as well as key contemporary issues facing the movement and the CRC.
MIN007 Introduction to Spiritual Formation
  • Christianity is about transformed lives, and this year-long unit provides students with an opportunity to develop an understanding of Christian spirituality and the disciplines and attitudes necessary for personal spiritual formation.
BIB007 Introduction to Israel’s Scriptures OR BIB008 Introduction to the New Testament
  • Students will select one of two bible units either BIB007 Introduction to Israel’s Scriptures OR BIB008 Introduction to the New Testament

These units will explore the historical and thematic themes of the Bible, students will be encouraged to consider the message of Scripture and its application for today’s context.

THE001 Christian Worldview
  • Throughout this unit of study, students are encouraged to explore Christianity’s foundational beliefs and reflect on the way their faith influences their life and calling.
LEA002 Public Speaking
  • Public Speaking is a skill required in many areas of life, and students enrolling in this unit will learn skills in preparing and delivering speeches with clarity and impact.
LEA001 Introduction to Leadership
  • By introducing the skills necessary for exercising leadership and influence in many contexts, this subject will help students understand the importance of good leadership for any organisation.
LEA003 Personal and Organisational Leadership
  • This subject helps students gain an understanding of the impact organisations have in encouraging effective and efficient, social and ethical behaviour, as well as how differing styles of leadership and organisational structures can influence behaviour and group dynamics. Students are also encouraged to consider how to lead like Jesus.
EXP001 Professional Practice
  • Highly practical, in this unit students engage in 100 hours of practical placement in an area of specialisation.

Full Time: 1 year

Part Time: 2-4 years

You can change your enrolment status from full time to part time for any semester however after census date, any withdrawals are counted as fails.

These training weeks incorporate in-depth discussion of the semester’s unit material, a safe environment for the practical application of spiritual gifts, and the chance to build life-long friendships


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This course is Austudy approved subject to eligibility criteria.

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Graduating Students Pathway Opportunities:

* Bachelor of Ministry 

* Bachelor of Theology



Diploma of Ministry

Engaging a Diploma of Ministry through the College has been an instrumental tool in developing maturity and intimacy in my walk with Jesus. It has brought a health levelling out of my views on spirituality and theology whilst increasing my thirst to know more of who God is through practical application of His word in my life. I have loved every minute of this journey!