Graduate Certificate of Leadership

The Graduate Certificate is designed to equip those with professional experience with greater understanding on leadership principles and the application of theory in real world situations.


The partnership between Revival College and Alphacrusis College (AC) has opened up opportunities for postgraduate study and professional development for pastors within CRC Churches International. Revival College aims to equip and resource leaders and ministers who are willingly and actively pursuing opportunities to grow and develop personally, as we know this allows them to replicate leaders who are passionate, strong, and hungry for all that God has for them.

Courses such as the Graduate Certificate of Leadership, Graduate Certificate of Leadership and Master of Leadership are undertaken directly with Alphacrucis, with Revival College acting as the Referral Source

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LEA401 Introduction to Leadership
  • By introducing the skills necessary for exercising leadership and influence in many contexts, this subject will help students understand the importance of good leadership for any organisation.
LEA550 Governance, Law and Ethics
  • Covering principles and practices of governance from a legal, ethical and theological perspective for a not-for-profit, church, parachurch and school environments.
THE001 Christian Worldview
  • Throughout this unit of study, students are encouraged to explore Christianity’s foundational beliefs and reflect on the way their faith influences their life and calling.
LEA535 Organisational Leadership
  • This subject is designed for experienced leaders, to help their organisations effectively lead in today’s fast changing landscape. Through facilitating meaningful engagement with learning resources, research, peers, and facilitators in a structured way, students learn how to be bold and innovative and lead change well.

6 months Full Time

Or up to 3 years part time (subject to unit availability).

The opportunity exists for our Post Graduate cohort members to be involved in a facilitation came. For more details on requirements, please contact the registrar team (

These training weeks incorporate in-depth discussion of the semester’s unit material, a safe environment for the practical application of spiritual gifts, and the chance to build life-long friendships

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This course is Austudy approved subject to eligibility criteria.

Students can change from course loads from Full Time to Part Time. Please be aware that a change to your enrolment status can affect your Austudy eligibility and benefits. Please consult with Centrelink for more details.

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Graduating Students Pathway Opportunities:

  • Graduate Diploma of Leadership
  • Master of Leadership

Graduates may also find employment in not-for-profits, churches, para churches, mission organisations, and positions which require skills in critical and creative thinking.




Diploma of Ministry

Engaging a Diploma of Ministry through the College has been an instrumental tool in developing maturity and intimacy in my walk with Jesus. It has brought a health levelling out of my views on spirituality and theology whilst increasing my thirst to know more of who God is through practical application of His word in my life. I have loved every minute of this journey!