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Graduated 2019

College has changed my life (by) providing a platform for me to study... propelling my spiritual growth, enlarging my theological thinking, and deepening my sense of calling. All this while building friendships that will last a lifetime


Graduated 2019

Engaging a Diploma of Ministry through the College has been an instrumental tool in developing maturity and intimacy in my walk with Jesus. It has brought a health levelling out of my views on spirituality and theology whilst increasing my thirst to know more of who God is through practical application of His word in my life. I have loved every minute of this journey!


Graduated 2020

Going on a mission trip to Papua New Guinea with the College really opened my eyes to the bigger picture Jesus had for the world, and really challenged my heart to Reach the lost - Disciple and nurture young Christians - Send them out into the harvest fields for the Kingdom of Heaven." Reach - Disciple - Send.


Graduated 2019

Studying has been fantastic! It has been an equipping experience leading to the development of knowledge, skills and lifelong friendships. The flexibility of online study is well balanced with the community of camps. This cultivates an environment of personal and spiritual growth, conducive in providing a solid foundation for future endeavours in both life and ministry.


Graduated 2019

The time I spent completing my Diploma in Ministry was a life changing experience. Not only had I not studied since high school, but I struggled with thinking I was not smart enough to do a diploma in anything. But I was encouraged by everyone around me, and the support of those on staff at the College was amazing. I completed my diploma above what I imagined I could and I am so much more confident in my areas of ministry. I highly recommend the College - whether you’re straight out of high school, or a stay-at-home mum, like myself!


Graduated 2020

College has been genuinely life changing. Since starting my diploma as an 18 year old with no idea about where I wanted to go in life, knowing my calling in Christ. And now having a deeper understanding of Christ and myself. I’ve also built connections across the country. It is amazing! Going to the Worship U Conference in the USA was by far my highlight. Followed closely by falling in the water at my second camp. But all jokes aside, if you're considering studying, you are in the right place and you should do it. And if not considering College and are reading this you should also do it.


Graduated 2020

Training has been a crazy journey of learning and growing whilst being supported by the most genuine group of people I’ve ever met. It has provided the way for me to explore what God has for me, and who I am in Christ.


Graduated 2019

My time at College has significantly enhanced my relationship with God and understanding of the Bible. It has opened my eyes to how I see Jesus, myself and others. Not only have the doors of Spiritual growth been radically opened, but also the doors of opportunity to serve in God's Kingdom. Totally life changing.


Graduated 2019

A whole new world has opened up to me since I studied. The study was great, but then at the camps that study was activated through connecting with other students of all ages from all walks of life, all with a call of God on their lives. Now I am pastoring the turningpoint Seaford church, near Frankston in Victoria

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